Generative Fast Fourier Transforms (GFFT)  0.3
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*cgfft_inp.cppSample program to represent GFFT usage
o*cgfft_oop.cppSample program to represent GFFT usage
o*finit.hInitialization of object factory
o*gfft.cppSample program to represent GFFT usage
o*gfft.hMain include file, which just include all other headers
o*gfft_inp.cppSample program to represent GFFT usage
o*gfft_oop.cppSample program to represent GFFT usage
o*gfftalg.hRecursive FFT algorithms
o*gfftalgfreq.hRecursive decimation in-frequency FFT algorithms (obsolete)
o*gfftcaller.hCaller classes
o*gfftdoc.hGeneral GFFT documentation
o*gfftfactor.hFactorization meta-algorithms
o*gfftgen.hConfiguration and generation classes
o*gfftomp.hParallelization template classes using OpenMP standard
o*gfftparamgroups.hGFFT parameter group classes
o*gfftpolicy.hPolicy classes
o*gfftspec.hShort-radix FFT specifications
o*gfftstdalg.hRecursive FFT algorithms on "complex" data types like std::complex
o*gfftstdspec.hShort-radix FFT specifications for "complex" types like std::complex
o*gfftswap.hReordering of data for FFT
o*metacomplex.hCompile-time computing of complex numbers
o*metaf.cppSample program to test meta functions
o*metafunc.hCompile-time computing of trigonometric functions
o*metapi.cppProgram to demonstrate compile-time computation of PI with arbitrary accuracy
o*metapow.hCompile-time computing of power function
o*metaroot.hCompile-time computing of complex roots of unity
o*pseudometafunc.hRuntime computing of functions as series of compile-time instantiated template classes
o*sbigint.hCompile-time big integer implementation based on Numlist compile-time arrays
o*sint.hDefinition of holders for static integer types
o*thirdparty.hCheck GFFT results comparing to FFTW and NR
o*typelistext.hSome extentions to the template metaalgorithms on typelists from Typelist.h of the Loki library by Andrei Alexandrescu (see his book "Modern C++ design" and
\*typelistgen.hTypelist generation classes

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